Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zabs Buffet: Another Buffet Favorite

Payday has become some sort of a tradition with the officemates and I. Hence, we headed over to Zabs Buffet for another buffet experience, since I've learned about this buffet restaurant via Davao Food Trip. I didn't have high expectations because I wasn't quite familiar with this restaurant, but I was literally blown away.
 This has got to be one of my favorite buffet restaurants (from those I've tried so far, of course) because of the sheer amount of food items to choose from. E, being the health buff that he is, opted for their sushi and salad section.

There is also a special section wherein you can pick your own fresh ingredients and the chef will cook it for you. So, E and I went crazy with the shrimps! There was also a Mongolian section wherein you can have your Mongolian dish freshly cooked for you... and delivered to your table. Same goes with their crepe!

Again, the highlight of this food trip seemed to be the dessert, yet again. Your mouth will surely water at the sight of the delectable desserts that include coffee jello, churros, creme brulee, and blueberry cheesecake. And did I mention they have a dedicated ice cream section? The waiters are willing to serve you their homemade vanilla ice cream and you can experiment with the toppings that are provided for you! How fun is that?

Try Zabs Buffet Restaurant for only PhP 325. It's more than worth it!


  1. I love Zabs buffet! Was able to try in only last December and I'm hooked. =)

  2. i like buffet style resto .you can choose a variety of food you want and come back for more.
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  3. Where can we find Zabs Buffet???

  4. Hi Jaz,

    It's where Chippens used to be in Roxas St., just across Ateneo :)

  5. Sorry, but i have to politely disagree. Just ate there 10 mins ago with my girlfriend. Sadly we dont think its that good. I actually went there cause i read your blog, and thought of giving it a try and here is my take:
    The maki was weird, sour actually. I've never had sour maki in my life! Shrimp was over cooked; could'nt taste the garlic in the "garlic butter shrimp" nor the chilli in the "chilli garlic shrimp". The chicken, served as a sort of chinese style adobo was interesting, but the chicken meat ws dry, leaving all the flavor in a very overpowering, tangy sauce. The buttered veggies were a little undercooked, and would have been better off used in the salad. The best thing there was the roasted belly beef which was so soft and "melt in you mouth" tender. The only issue i had with it was the lack of pepper or salt in the beef.
    Dessert, admittedly, was enticing to look at. Unfortunately, thats as good as it goes. Blueberry cheesecake in shot glasses were clever, but the acidity of the blueberry was not neutralized by the cheesecake (which was too neutral in taste as opposed to hint of sour that should kill off the fruit acidiy) and the grahams were understated as well, too sweet, but void off the graham flavor. The creme brulee was nice to look at... But after a teaspoon of it, i thought it tasted like a dunkin donut munchkin! No joke!
    The good: the price, service is excellent.
    The bad: i fel that the food was rushed. The elements of the dish were there but it badly lacked distinctive flavor.
    I would say 6/10 at best. Hope you dont get offended by my contrasting opinion of the place.

    1. Hi Anthony, well that is your opinion and I respect that. To be honest, I enjoyed my first and only time dining there. Hopefully, the quality of their food did not change. You have to take into account that this was a long time ago. Almost a year since I last went there. I will try to visit them again soon and see how that goes..

  6. Sa 325 po ba including na ang drinks?


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