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Archipelago 7107: Introducing the Best of Filipino Cuisines to Davao

Barrio Fiesta is the brainchild of Sixta Evangelista Ongpauco, a food lover, way back in the 50s when she converted her home into a restaurant, also called Barrio Fiesta, and quickly became known as one of the first fine dining Filipino restaurants in the country. Her special and unique recipe of preparing pork knuckles or pata helped establish Barrio Fiesta in the Philippine culinary map, with the aid of her son who perfected the recipe and introduced it to their menu. Since then, they kept introducing several other Filipino dishes into the menu while integrating their unique ability to prepare these dishes that would draw crowds to their restaurant. 

A few decades later, they opened several other branches and the newest one finally arrives in Davao, also the first outside Luzon. Archipelago 7107 is an off-shoot of Barrio Fiesta that offers a promising concept to the discerning tastes of Davaoenos. According to Tyrone Ongpauco, a third-generation restaurateur who belongs to a family that brought Barrio Fiesta to the fore of the Philippine culinary scene, there are several things they wanted to do differently with Archipelago 7107 while maintaining the quality that made Barrio Fiesta what it is today.

Blessing and opening of Archipelago 7107 at SM Lanang Premier

This is clearly evidenced by the restaurant's ambiance - exhibiting a modern vibe that Tyrone pointed out as a bit deviate from the traditional Filipino restaurant decor concepts. Indeed, the use of vibrant lighting, soft hues, and sophisticated furniture is a huge step ahead of other Filipino cuisine restaurants. On top of that, they have a bar area wherein you can get your favorite drinks and cocktails from, because as they claim, Archipelago 7107 transforms into a bar at night!

Beyond the ambiance and all the grandiose presentations though, Archipelago 7107 truly shines in the food department. With a restaurant that has such a rich tradition and history, what else would you expect? The unique aspect about this restaurant is its ability to take out the best dishes from various parts of the country and offer them in one roof. The number "7107" in the restaurant's name, as you might've guessed, represents the same number of islands that comprise the Philippine archipelago. From there, you can get the gist of what this restaurant venture is hoping to achieve - to take out the best authentic recipes from all over the country and offer them under one roof. Thus, you not only get your favorite Filipino dishes from one restaurant but also enjoy them as they're bound to taste better than what you're used to. Archipelago 7107 not only lives up to the hype, but over-delivers in terms of food quality. And you can tell from the way the owners take pride in the restaurant that they believe they can offer the best in Filipino cuisine. Menu prices range from P120 to P695, with each serving good for 2-4 people.

Here are some of the delectable treats you can find at Archipelago 7107:

Crispy Pata (P 580) - This dish single-handedly made Barrio Fiesta famous and you can expect to experience this sinfully good recipe when you dine at Archipelago 7107. Deep fried pork knuckle cooked to perfection!

Ilocano Rice (P 210) -This rice dish, as Archipelago 7107's menu describes, is a combination of the best that the Ilocos region has to offer. This rice dish comes with Vigan longganisa, bagnet, salted egg, onions, and tomatoes topped on a huge serving of flavored rice.

Kare-Kare (P 390) - This is one of Barrio Fiesta's famous dishes and Davaoenos can get a sample of this same old recipe at Archipelago 7107. The creamy peanut butter sauce is served with tender ox tail and vegetables to your palate's delight.

Sinalab Special (P 610) - This is a collection of fresh seafood and assorted meats cooked to perfection and served in a kawayan (bamboo) tray. Each serving is good for 4-5 persons. 

Mama Chit's Special (P 650) - A feast in a bilao that consist of seafoods and other kinds of meat!

Meanwhile, here are other dishes we've sampled:

Bulalo Steak
Garlic Chicken
Chicharong Bulaklak
Archipelago 7107 is located at the 2/F Fountain Court area of SM Lanang Premier.

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