Friday, August 30, 2013

Freedom Fries from Army Navy

I've never been a fan of French fries, having vowed to stay out of fried or greasy food items much as I can. But on those rare occasions that I indulged in them, I prefer ones that were freshly made instead of the frozen packaged ones that you buy off the grocery. Army Navy's Freedom Fries is probably the most unique of them all that I've tried to date. In fact, I surprised myself that I enjoyed this one and E was all rave about it.

Freedom Fries is available for order as a side dish at Army Navy for P 75. Quite a great deal, if you'd ask me. Why? These are freshly cut fries that were thinner than the ones we're used to getting from other fast food chains. The texture is also similar to that of KFC's famous fries because it is clearly made from fresh potatoes rather than being stored on the freezer for days, or weeks even (who knows?). But I digress, the fries are coated with a light batter just so it turns crisp on the outside when cooked on a deep-fryer. But when you bite into it, the softness and richness is still retained on the inside.

Have you tried Army Navy's Freedom Fries? What do you think?

Army Navy has branches in Abreeza and SM Lanang.

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  1. I've heard their burger and fries tastes good. Haven't tried yet..


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