Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eden Nature Park & Resort Buffet

Eden Nature Park & Resort is one of the most popular tourist spots in Davao. The majestic location that offers a breathtaking view of the city and the gulf down below, the cold temperature that makes for a cozy spot to hang out, and the opportunity to be close to nature are just a few of the reasons why this famed park has become one of Davao's landmarks.

But whenever I make a lengthy trip towards Eden, there is one other thing I look forward to most - indulging in their delicious buffet spread that features the park's own grown vegetables and herbs. On our recent trip to Eden, we were able to witness their greenhouses and huge herb garden that showcases nearly all kinds of herbs you can imagine. As a foodie, there is nothing better than being able to get a glimpse of where and how your food is prepared. And with Eden Nature Park & Resort, you can expect the freshest of ingredients.

The appetizer section is filled with healthy and fresh selection. For instance, they have a huge bowl of quail egg soup and garlic bread with chopped herbs. In another spread, they have all kinds of lettuce, chopped fresh vegetables, and all kinds of dressing (such as Oriental, Asian, and honey mustard dressing). The opportunity to create your own salad provides endless possibilities and with fresh ingredients, you can expect top quality salad to start off your meal.

The entree section is just as appetizing as the salad, by the way. One section is dedicated solely for preparing your own pasta. There is a choice of two sauces: carbonara and squash sauce. I went for the latter even though I have not tried this sauce before. Good choice, actually. The flavor was subtle but you can tell that it's fresh, and healthy!

I spotted a long queue on one end of the restaurant so I decided to hop on over there, too. As it turned out, the long queue was for the pork barbecue that is grilled by the chef right in front of you. He then chops them into smaller, bite size pieces and you are free to pick up as much of the grilled pork chop on your plate as you like. The seasoning on the pork is very well done and it was cooked perfectly such that the meat was tender, not rubbery. Props to the chef who was working the grill that day! No wonder it was a major hit!

Check out my plate above with the grilled pork chop, pasta, and the buttered vegetables. Heaven, I know.

Just when I thought this meal could not have been any better, I indulged in a few (well, actually I sampled all items on the buffet spread) desserts before officially ending the meal. There were custards, ube float, chocolate cupcakes, maja blanca, and halo-halo. I noticed that even with their desserts, they still use a lot of the local ingredients and produce; in fact, I suspect most of these are harvested straight from Eden's own garden.

The options at Eden Nature Park & Resort's buffet might be fewer when compared to other buffet restaurants in Davao City. But what sets them apart is the fact that all ingredients used for preparing these dishes are fresh. In fact, they grow their own vegetables and herbs so it is a self-sustaining restaurant! It's also a good thing for customers who are very picky about food quality because you can expect fresh and high quality food all the time.

Have you sampled Eden's bountiful buffet spread?

Eden Nature Park & Resort
Eden, Toril District, Davao City

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