Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crepelato – Home of Dessert Goodness and Personalized Service

Since I first tasted Tata Benito’s A Whole Latte Love Coffee’s Mango Crepe, I thought for sure this was going to top my list of dessert favorites. I haven’t had the chance to go back to that same coffee shop but the craving for that rich and luscious tasting dessert never ceased to linger on my taste buds. So, I single handedly conducted my own research for the best place to satisfy my crepe cravings. And that is when I stumbled upon “Crepelato” in one of many Davao Food trip blogs.

It was finally last week that I decided to pay this dining place a visit. I tagged along my boyfriend, the mandatory food trip partner, to taste their specialty, as well as try out some other dishes that’s on the menu.

We did not have a hard time spotting it, since it is located right in front of the old Sampaguita Inn along Quirino Ave. The place was a tad smaller than I had expected, but that did not take anything away from the homey and welcoming feel that the overall ambiance emitted. I thought that the choice of color was a nice preview into what their specialty crepes and gelatos had to offer.

As my boyf and I were about to assume this cozy little corner table, we were invited over by one of their staffs to taste their gelatos, allowing us to choose one that we liked best to have on our crepe float. I thought it was pretty generous of them to do that free sampling, after all there is probably no other restaurant or dining spot in Davao City who offers that to their customers, and at the same time, it shows exactly their commitment to offer customer satisfaction, such that you’d know exactly how your order will taste like.

After sampling some of their gelatos, I choose to have their Capuchillo for my crepe float while Ed chose his favorite ice cream flavor – Vanilla. For our main dish, one of their waiters suggested their best-seller, which is Victorian Spare Ribs. And since I only came there for their dessert, I opted for a lighter meal – Pasta con Malunggay. I was a bit skeptic when I decided to order this pasta meal, but their owner reassured me that you won’t be able to taste any malunggay from the dish, which she probably have guessed is what worried me.

We only waited for a few minutes and I haven’t had enough time to take some pictures of their place and also observe some other customers who were (at this point) getting their free taste of the gelato, until my pasta dish was served – quick service indeed! I would have to say that I was very pleased with their spaghetti – it was a huge serving, for something that only costs P50! It was also very meaty and not too saucy, although there was nothing about this recipe that made it memorable. Nonetheless, at a P50 meal that satisfied my palate, I cannot complain really!

Then, a few minutes after my pasta meal was served followed up Ed’s order, the Victorian Spare Ribs. This one was priced at P150, although judging by the tenderness of the meat, the richness of the sauce, and the size of the serving, I would not mind paying for a bit more. It was THAT good! I earlier said I was not in the mood for rice but I could not resist tasting the dish as well – it was simply irresistible. And Ed savored every last bit of the meal! I can tell when he is happy and satisfied! :D

Then came the crepe floats… The presentation was very charming, colorful, and vibrant! These were the exact same qualities one would often look for in a dessert. It was yummy enough to look at! So, I did not waste any second to dig in. The gelato had the right consistency and I was congratulating myself for choosing the right flavor. It was sprinkled with cereals, which offered some crunch and nice contrast to the texture of the crepe and the gelato. I am not too sure about this, but I believe that each serving costs P65. And it was not bad at all knowing how rich each serving is and I savored mine up to the last bit!

Now, here are my ratings for Crepelato…

Pros: Customer service is excellent. I liked the fact that they were very accommodating to customers the moment you step into that door and by the time you walk out of it. The waiter also were very attentive to our needs and even offered to refill our glasses with water even if we did not ask for it. The owners were there too, and she was courteous enough to speak with us and asking us about the meal right before we left. It makes a whole lot of difference when the owners are very much hands-on with the services and the operation of an establishment.

Cons: I only visited the place once and it was rather a short one. As of now, I cannot spot any drawbacks to dining in Crepelato, although I wish that they would expand on their store to make it more roomy. But since they are in operation for only a few months, I bet they wold soon consider this, especially as more people will discover their heavenly crepe floats.

Overall: Crepelato was one of my most satisfying gastronomic experience as of late. There is always something that would top of an excellent experience; for instance, food was in very good quality, then it was topped by a warm, genuine service. And when it was time to pay our bill, we were surprised at how affordable the entire meal was. I will definitely see myself trying out some of the other dishes on the menu, as well as other flavors of the crepe floats.


  1. We has an afternoon snack on Crepelato and we ordered the Vanilla flavored Gellato crepe floats

  2. I've never eaten crepelato and by just reading this post, it looks like the time has come for me to taste one.


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