Sunday, September 9, 2012

Giardino Gelato in Abreeza

Ever since my first taste of Gelato, courtesy of Crepelato, I’ve become quite a fan. I also heard that gelato is a healthier version of ice cream because it is made from yogurt. If it’s delish and healthy, too, what other reason you need to go and grab a bite?

That is exactly what I did one weekend when E & I happened to be in Abreeza. Giardino Gelato is a bit pricier than other gelato stalls in the city but I love that their flavor selections are made from the finest ingredients – which explains the price tag. 

So far, I’ve only tried the Ferrero Rocher and the Oreo gelato (pictured here). They also offer 3 size variants so pick one according to your appetite (or sweet tooth!). It’s been a while since I last had Giardino Gelato, though, so I can’t wait to sample the other flavors, especially the Nutella  and Caramel.


  1. What I love about Giardino (and Crepelato) is the free taste! You can try each and every gelato flavor before you purchase one. That's a sure good way to sample all flavors. =)

    1. I completely agree. Sorry forgot to include this in my post - but this is another plus factor, too, so you know exactly what your order would taste like :)


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