Wednesday, January 23, 2013

California Diner: Bringing You The West Coast Flavor

Hungry for a brand new dining experience? California Diner is the perfect antidote to that craving. This casual, al fresco diner is reminiscent of the 60's California diners that also incorporate the beach culture feel and traditional food truck dining experience that American culinary culture has been known for. Hence, there is more to this dining experience than the food that is served on your table. 

One night, I went over to Torres St. to finally sample what everyone is talking about - California Diner. The moment I got there, the first observation is that the place is much smaller than I had imagined it to be. Luckily, we were the only ones there at that time so it was no trouble finding a spot for ourselves. 

When you do get here at a busy time, though, extension seats are available at the dessert shop next door. But for the full California Diner experience, nothing beats enjoying your food in one of the tables fronting the counter. As you wait for your order to be served, you can kill some time watching the traffic nearby or people from surrounding establishments - it's more fun than you think!

As for our orders, they were (as expected) reasonably priced but I was surprised by the decent serving size. I went for the Beef Taco that comes with a small serving of Spanish rice and cinnamon crisps. This one cost me roughyl PhP 80, which is affordable for the size of the serving. I really enjoyed the Spanish rice - it is packed with flavor and just the right texture. Also, the beef taco is made with lots of ground beef and fresh ingredients. For a taco fan, I can say with confidence that it was good value for money.

On the other hand, E went for the Deluxe Burger, which I believe is one of their best-sellers. This burger costs PhP155 and is well worth every penny because you get to enjoy (according to their menu) 150 grams of beef patty, along with slices of fresh tomato, lettuce, and a slab of cheese. I wonder if we would've went for additional bacon, that would've been way better! But still, it is good as it is. I would suggest you order this one whenever you get to visit California Diner. 

We skipped ordering dessert at California Diner because they did not really have enough choices. Generally speaking, their menu is rather modest at this point. I am, therefore, hoping that they could expand their choices soon and I would look forward to trying it out by then. 

Overall, this was a fun new way to dine. Somehow, you feel like you're in one of those trailer park diners in the US. That definitely contributes to your dining experience, especially given that there are already a number of burger and taco joints in the city. 

California Diner is located in Torres Street beside Sinangag Express. Once you're there, it's pretty much easy to spot!

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  1. Just saw this yesterday. Will check this out someday. Thanks for the review

    1. You should, ya :) It's affordable and very accessible :)

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