Friday, August 30, 2013

Freedom Fries from Army Navy

I've never been a fan of French fries, having vowed to stay out of fried or greasy food items much as I can. But on those rare occasions that I indulged in them, I prefer ones that were freshly made instead of the frozen packaged ones that you buy off the grocery. Army Navy's Freedom Fries is probably the most unique of them all that I've tried to date. In fact, I surprised myself that I enjoyed this one and E was all rave about it.

Freedom Fries is available for order as a side dish at Army Navy for P 75. Quite a great deal, if you'd ask me. Why? These are freshly cut fries that were thinner than the ones we're used to getting from other fast food chains. The texture is also similar to that of KFC's famous fries because it is clearly made from fresh potatoes rather than being stored on the freezer for days, or weeks even (who knows?). But I digress, the fries are coated with a light batter just so it turns crisp on the outside when cooked on a deep-fryer. But when you bite into it, the softness and richness is still retained on the inside.

Have you tried Army Navy's Freedom Fries? What do you think?

Army Navy has branches in Abreeza and SM Lanang.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lemony Chicken from Zabadani Cafe

Since I have been to Zabadani plenty of times before, I make it a point to explore other offerings on the menu. Of course, there are old favorites like the Pita Shateerah and Garlic Rib, but it pays to try something new because you'll never know when you'd stumble on to a new foodie favorite.

Such is the case when I've tried Lemony Chicken for the first time. Given that Zabadani is a Halal restaurant, it is not surprising to find plenty of chicken dishes on the menu! You will be surprised at the many different ways that you can enjoy your chicken!

Lemony Chicken consists of grilled Halal fillets of chicken breast. The chicken fillets are seasoned with a special mix of spices, American lemon, parsley, and sprinkled with more spices for that tangy, smoky and peppery touch to its flavor. The plating of this dish also deserves mention. When you have a dish that tastes good and served in a delectable manner, you can't wait to grab hold of your utensils and start to dig in! That's exactly how I felt when the waiter brought this dish to our table. You can order it for two serving sizes: P125 (sagheer or small) or P240 (kabeer or large).

Lemony Chicken is indeed a must-try at Zabadani Cafe, especially for all the chicken lovers out there!

Zabadani Cafe is located at G/F of The Peak at Gaisano Mall, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Asian Fusion Treats

When you get a craving for a certain dish, what do you do? Head to that one restaurant/foodie destination that you know can satisfy that craving! This is exactly what I did one day when I can feel my taste buds yearning for one dish that only Asian Fusion can satisfy - Dinakdakan.

Dinakdakan is a popular Filipino dish that originated in the Ilocos. The dish is made from hog brain and head that is boiled in hot water until cooked then mixed with various spices before it is put onto the grill. Once it is crispy, they are chopped into bite size pieces and seasoned with onions, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise.

Asian Fusion's Dinakdakan (P 140) is as tasty as can be. Even though it might be popular as an appetizer or pulutan, after all MTS is a popular place for people who like to have some drinks while listening to some live musical performances, I like eating this with rice as a viand. The rich flavors from the hog head and brain, together with the spices, can truly revv up your appetite!

And in keeping with the idea of having pulutan as viand, we also ordered Chili Garlic Mushroom (P80). I knew that their Dinakdakan would be good, but this one is also highly recommended (whether as a viand or appetizer). The richness in garlic flavor might put off anyone who isn't into garlic, but I am so it's easy to tell why I enjoyed it. The flavor is a work of balance though such that it has retained its subtlety - think of Gambas except that you replace shrimps with button mushroom.

Asian Fusion is located at Matina Town Square, Mc Arthur Highway, Davao City.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Truffle Kremes from Krispy Kreme

Who doesn't love some Krispy Kreme? The world's most famous donut brand continues to introduce new delectable sweet treats to add into their classic lineup of old Krispy Kreme favorites. I recently had the opportunity to sample their newest offerings in-store: the Truffle Kremes. These sweet goodies are basically Krispy Kreme's version of the famous truffle dessert that packs all the sweetness you need to send you in a sugar high!

The Truffle Kremes is available at 3 pieces per box that costs P 150. Quite pricey, I must say, because that means each piece would set you back at P 50 (Heck, it's more expensive than their regular sized donuts!). But if you're really into sweets and love Krispy Kreme donuts, then it's worth a try!

There are currently 6 flavors to choose from but my favorite would have to be the Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha and Chocolate Chocolate Kreme. Other choices of flavor include Chocolate Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla Strawberry Kreme and Vanilla Chocolate Caramel. It also comes with a pretty gorgeous packaging that makes it a good idea for birthday presents!

Have you tried the Truffle Kremes from Krispy Kreme? These truffle kremes were purchased from the Krispy Kreme Abreeza branch, by the way.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Experiencing SM Lanang Premier's Davao Gourmet Collective

The celebration of Kadayawan Festival in Davao for this year is filled with equal amount of anticipation and caution. Indeed, the looming threats of terrorism almost prompted the city mayor to postpone this year's activities for the biggest festival in the city in fear that innocent Davaoenos might be put in danger due to terror threats. Thankfully, the mayor opted to push through with the events and instead tightened security to ensure the safety of all locals and tourists joining in the fun festivities!

Personally, I am a fan of the Kadayawan Festival and the festive atmosphere it brings to the entire city. Indeed, there are several activities lined up for the entire month, whether you are seeking out food, music, live entertainment, and other showcases. I've mentioned before that I am looking forward to the food festivals because it is a great opportunity to see what foodie finds are in store for Davaoenos and to introduce the artisan food purveyors to the rest of us who did not know they even exist! Thus, I rushed to SM Lanang Premier on the last day of Kadayawan Festival to catch The Davao Gourmet Collective and sample some of the foodie treats in store.

I've previously been to the Kapuso Food Festival and indulged in gastronomic delights. But I was more impressed with the lineup at The Davao Gourmet Collective that I knew I can't afford to miss it. Here are a few of the items we sampled during our mini food trip:

Morisco's Italian Ristorante


Morisco's booth at the Davao Gourmet Collective caught our attention because of this unique pizza. I forgot to take note of the name but the topping consists of slices of mango, prosciutto, and some drizzle of chocolate syrup. It's got a curious taste to it - not salty or sweet. It comes with a subtle flavor that teases your palate. Hence, it was only fitting that we got to taste this first before trying out the other food items at the event! If you're so curious, you can order this pizza at either Morisco's or Don Beppe.

Cellar de Boca

The Sun-Made Steak Rice from Cellar de Boca is clearly E's favorite. This brown rice dish is a meal in and of itself. It comes with slices of pork steak, green peas, and packed with other seasonings. Every bite is a celebration for your taste buds!

Villa Margarita

This lasagna is creamy and cheesy while the pasta is soft enough without losing that al dente quality. This was one of my favorite dishes that I have tried during the event.

Malagos Farms

I bought one bar of the Malagos Chocolate bar as a treat for myself. It is made up of 65% dark chocolate, so it can't be that bad for you, right? We were also able to sample a few of the cheeses featured on the event! Truly one of Davao's pride!

Jonathan's Cupcakery

Jonathan's Cupcakery is best known for their cupcakes and had the pleasure of sampling their delicious cupcakes in the past. However, this will be the first time that I get to taste their tarts and to say that I was excited is an understatement. The tart cost P120 each and we opted for the ones with mango, blueberry, and kiwi. Love the base and cream filling of this tart because it was rich without being too sweet.

Were you able to sample the artisan and gourmet choices at the first Davao Gourmet Collective?

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Visit to Mang Inasal

If you're wondering about the title above, it's my personal conviction to never return to any Mang Inasal branch after a terrible experience on my latest visit. It took place at their Duterte branch, something of which is the culmination of several other equally bad experiences. As much as I want to utilize this space to promote foodie destinations that I enjoyed or highly recommend, I also felt compelled to bring to anyone's attention any poor experience so I can 1) help others avoid them, and 2) use this blog as a medium to raise awareness on management to make appropriate changes.

We placed our orders for the following items: SM 1 or 1-piece chicken thigh with rice (P 59), SM 2 or two-piece pork BBQ with rice (P 59) and one serving of Pinakbet (P45). The cashier informed us that our orders will be served within 15-20 minutes. Even though I was hungry at that time, I nodded in agreement because there is nothing much I can do, right?

Within the first minute of settling in our table, the waiter served us the serving of Pinakbet we ordered. I was feeling a bit excited as I thought that the rest of our orders will be arriving soon. But when 20 minutes passed and our orders were still nowhere in sight, and when E pointed out that the other group of customers who were behind us on the line got theirs, I called out one of the waiters to follow up on the rest of orders.

A few minutes later, and when I felt my tummy grumble, that's when I decided to check my watch. To my surprise, it had been 15 minutes since I last asked the waiter to follow up on our order. I stood up and saw their staff busily preparing a bunch of take out orders. Then, I looked at the counter to find about three staffs and signaled to them to go and get our order. The cashier simply nodded but did nothing about it.

That is when I burst! I went to the counter and demanded that they serve our orders or we are leaving! Frantically, the lady behind the cash register called out to one of the waiters to bring our orders that were waiting on queue to our table. I was flabbergasted! Our orders were waiting there all along in the counter while we suffer in waiting! I also told her about the Pinakbet that they served way too early, which is now cold and unappetizing, but it seemed as though she did not hear a thing. I would have demanded to have the Pinakbet replaced or heated but I was too hungry to care at that time.

But even after about 45 minutes of waiting, it was then that I realized the food leaves me wanting and totally not worth the wait and hassle. Lesson learned? Well, I should've learned my lesson last time. Not going back to Mang Inasal Duterte branch again. And even with other branches, I am a bit skeptical. This is just one of several similar bad experiences, the others were undocumented.

What's your take on dining at Mang Inasal?

Disclaimer: I came into the restaurant as a paying customer and voicing out my opinion as one, like I do with most other entries in this blog. My goal is not to tarnish the reputation or brand of Mang Inasal but to give my honest review about the quality of their service.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Rainy Night Dinner at Zed's

To the young and hip crowd, Zed's is a familiar name. It is a KTV/bar that provides VIP karaoke rooms for groups and a bar for those who would like to enjoy some drinks while being treated to live music. Aside from the KTV rooms, they are also known for their pizzas, particularly the square pizza which was the first in Davao at that time.

But they also offer a wide range of food items that are perfect for those simply looking to have dinner and unwind at their place. I, specifically, love going to Zed's during weekdays (to avoid the crowd) for a relaxing dinner because of the cozy interiors and the opportunity to listen to some live music. Monday night's intense rain was the perfect excuse to dine here while waiting for the rain to stop; after all, they're located on the adjacent building from our office. We opted to have dinner at the veranda so we can have an overlooking view of the city streets below.

We had the following for dinner:

Kinilaw or Fish Ceviche (P158, P188 with pork)

This is a classic Filipino dish wherein slices of fresh raw fish (commonly malasugue) are added to a mixture of citrus juices, vinegar, and spices. Slices of chili are also added into the mixture, along with onion, minced ginger, and cucumber. I loved Zed's version of kinilaw because it had plenty of fish slices and well seasoned.

Battered Chicken (approx. P 250 for 5 pieces)

This is a simple chicken dish wherein the chicken parts are covered in a batter and then deep fried. Each serving also comes with a bowl of gravy. This is the ultimate comfort food for the rainy weather!

Even though Zed's might be more known for their KTV rooms, live music, and as a party place, they do have decent food offerings. If you are in the area and wanting some lively place to accompany your dinner with, this is a great choice.

Zed's is located at Bonifacio St., Davao City.

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