Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baklava from Zabadani Cafe

When I go on a food trip, I always look forward to the end of each meal because of the dessert. It's a bit appropriate that desserts are served last because it's like ending your meal on a sweet note. Before, though, I tend to associate desserts with chocolate. I know - I have an incurable obsession for chocolates! But over the years, as I've come to explore a wide range of cuisines and restaurants, I've finally opened myself up to trying other desserts, meaning non-chocolate desserts.

One of the desserts that I've recently tried is also something that I've been meaning to for a long time. I don't think we already have an authentic Greek restaurant in Davao so I thought I might have to wait until then to try Baklava. This is one of the most famous dishes to come out of the Greek cuisine and I've been hearing and reading a lot about it.

Thankfully, when I went to Zabadani Cafe one time, I found out that they do have Baklava in their desserts menu. To my delight, I went ahead and ordered it. This dessert is made of several layers of pastry sheets (think lasagna, only that this one is sweet). Every layer consists of a mixture of chopped pistachio nuts that are sweetened with either honey or syrup. The end result? A sinfully delicious treat for your taste buds that combines lots of texture, sweetness, and aroma (indeed, I can definitely smell the pistachio nuts in it!).

I forgot to take note of the price per slice at Zabadani Cafe but it is less than P100. Definitely worth it given how rich and sweet this dessert is! If you're keen on trying out new desserts, be sure to head on over to Zabadani Cafe and ask for Baklava.

To learn more details about Zabadani Cafe, you can check their Facebook page or official website here.


Zabadani Cafe
The Peak 4th Level Gaisano Mall of DavaoDavao City
(beside Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant)
Contact no.: (082) 301-6065

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  1. this looks soo yummy! it's been awhile since i've had baklava!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Oooh I will definitely have to check out Zabadani sooooon. That baklava looks sooo good!


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