Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Teriyaki Boy: Affordable Way to Indulge in Japanese Cuisine

Japanese restaurants, like most foreign cuisines, have intimidated many with the notion of expensive and fine dining experience. In some parts, I do agree. Japanese food entails the use of the freshest ingredients, mostly seafoods, that you have to pay a huge price in order to enjoy quality Japanese cooking, especially an authentic one. But Teriyaki Boy seem to belie this myth and has proven to be a quality contender in the local scene for those who are into Japanese food. 

Davao City is now saturated with Japanese restaurants like Tsuru, Tadakuma, Rai Rai Ken, Red Kimono, Sumo Sam, Nonki, and with the arrival of newbies like Sushi Dito and Pepper Lunch. But I do believe that Teriyaki Boy will find itself establishing loyal patrons with its budget-friendly yet quality culinary offerings. Hence, I made sure to give this resto a try as soon as they opened their first branch in Davao at Abreeza Mall.

The most notable difference with Teriyaki Boy is the casual dining experience, which is not usually the case with most Japanese restaurants in the city. It does not care for the fancy stuff because at the heart of your dining experience here is the quality of the food that won't hurt your pockets.

First on the plate is the Kanikama Roll (PhP 100). This is a very affordable sushi considering that you are served 8 pieces. And yet, you can enjoy delectable combination of flavors from the sushi rice, nori, and crabsticks. The presentation is also very clever!

We also picked one of their Ramen because soups are a must when you visit a Japanese restaurant. I am a big seafood fan, so we went for the Tanmen Ramen. In this dobin soup base, you can enjoy a variety of seafood meat to feast to such as cream dory, squid, tiger prawn, and shrimp! Sorry, I got too excited and forgot to take a photo until after I've dug in.

Another one of their noodle goodness that I had a chance to try is the Gyuniku Yakiudon. Priced at P250, the glassy udon noodles are stirfried then added with tender beef slices, chives, and shiitake mushrooms. I love shiitake mushrooms and their strong yet savory flavor! The serving of this noodle dish is topped with an egg yolk and nori flakes. Needless to say, I enjoyed this dish a great deal.

Who says you can't enjoy quality Japanese food at a reasonable price? Try Teriyaki Boy to see for yourself...

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