Monday, June 3, 2013

Chatime Review: Hit By The Milk Tea Bug

When I first shared about ChaTime opening a branch in SM Lanang Premier in my blog a few months back, I wasn't reeling with enthusiasm about trying them out. Don't get me wrong - it's just that I am not crazy about milk tea, though I do enjoy a sip once in a while. I also blogged about how 360 Degree Handshake Milk Tea has made me a convert, but I still don't find myself craving for them more than the next girl. However, ChaTime might just change all that.

One weekend while I was at SM Lanang, I went on over to the ChaTime stall and ordered one of the best-sellers. I admit - there were plenty of choices available to try and I was a bit overwhelmed when I got to the counter that it took me a while to finalize my order. I asked the attendant about what they could recommend and they pointed at this little cardboard with their Top 10 bestsellers. I guess I should start with that, then. After all, there must be a reason why they're bestsellers!

I went with the Chocolate Mousse milk tea selection. It's number two in their Top 10 bestsellers list! When I took my first sip, I was blown away - literally and figuratively! There is a right amount of sweetness in this drink but what I loved most about it is the richness of the choco mousse flavor. It lingers in your palate even after you've had your sip. I swore that I would not order anything with chocolate but I ended up liking my choice that it's bound to become a favorite of mine! Even the boyf who isn't into chocolate totally loved it, as well.

Here is a complete list of their best-sellers, with pic courtesy of Enter Davao:

Have you tried ChaTime?

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  1. I think Chatime is the best milk tea shop Davao City has so far :) I'd love to try Choco Mousse and all the other beverages on the best sellers list as soon as I could restrain myself from ordering another Pearl Milk tea the next time I drop by SM Lanang. Haha :) Too bad they don't have my favorite Caramel Milk Tea (the one I usually order at 360) I guess all milk tea shops are unique in their own way :)


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