Sunday, December 30, 2012

Davao Food Guide: Newly Opened Restaurants Round-Up

It's the holiday season and you know what that means - lots of food! But even when our dining table is filled with lots of food to celebrate the Christmas and New Year, I am not done yet. My appetite, even, is just whetting up! I had added quite a list of new restaurants and food spots to fulfill my unending love for food.

To help you pick the next dining destination, I have listed them down here. Most of these are new restaurants/food stalls opening up in Davao, while some others I have tried before but they have new branches opening up as well. 

French Baker is something that I am looking forward to (along with Dairy Queen) and it is now open at SM Lanang Premier. And if you are such a huge fan of desserts and sweets, wonder dropping by at Giardino Gelato. I've previously tried their Abreeza branch and their gelatos are highly recommended. If you haven't tried them yet, you can visit them on the 2nd floor of SM Lanang Premier!

And to continue on with the tea trend in Davao, ChaTime is officially open (also at SM Lanang Premier). My mom went there earlier this week. Hence, I am planning a visit one of these days. Look for them at the ground floor.

If you are up for some Filipino cooking, check out Gerry's Grill newest branch at the ground floor of GMall's The Peak. They have a special bar area for those who would love to dine in open air, or enjoy some drinks. I've been to Gerry's Grill before and haven't had the chance to visit them again (by choice, because of a terrible service) but maybe I would re-consider giving them another try.

For the coffee lovers, like me, two new options for coffee shops are available at GMall's The Peak - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Blugre Coffee. They are located at the 2nd floor of The Peak and 2nd floor of the mall, respectively.   
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Blugre Coffee

Which of these newly opened restaurants/coffee shops are you excited to try?

*Disclaimer: All images are obtained from the Skyscrapercity Forum Threads. If you are the owner of these photos and would want to be credited, just shoot me an email. Thanks!


  1. French Baker!!! I really longed for that one :)

  2. Hmmm.. I haven't made a visit to The Peak for weeks already and I never knew that Gerry's Grill and CBTL already opened their new store!

    I'll try to make a visit soon.. :D

  3. This makes me want to go out and eat! haha great post!

  4. when I came home from my vacation last year August, SM Lanang hasn't open yet. So definitely will visiting these food places on my next vacation. I also agree with you on Gerry Grill's service. They sucks big time! and I'm not even saying the one you've been, it's the one here in Union City, CA - been there 2x. First time with just me and hubby for a some date night! I tell you, just because we're not dress up a bit (hey this is California - you can dress up or dress down it don't matter), somehow these servers are just ignoring us until we have to get their attention. Mura ra jud unsa ka sosyal nga restaurant, they serve Filipino dishes, as the next turo-turo/carinderia located just a few miles away and can eat your meal without waiting for over 30 mins. But then we like to be a little bit sosyal ika nga. Then the 2nd time we went, this time with my mom - pastilan... wa'h jud! same service! I said to myself this is it! So whenever I see Gerry's Grill whether in Davao or the one I saw in MOA, wah jud ko nalipay! Now Blugre Coffee - I love this coffee place. I love their coffee - hot or cold, Frap or what not! Less crowd and less hype and not over rated unlike that green symbol woman from the NorthWest and sprouting every corner of the city. The only reason I buy their drinks here, because of my kids has gift cards from the holidays or birthdays (it's the easiest and convenient way of gift giving to young teenagers and young adults). Is there Jamba Juice yet over there!

  5. If the food that you cook is like in the pro pic i'm sure that so many people and foreigner will visiting on you restaurant like the restaurant that I visit once,,,There food are really great


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