Friday, August 16, 2013

Rainy Night Dinner at Zed's

To the young and hip crowd, Zed's is a familiar name. It is a KTV/bar that provides VIP karaoke rooms for groups and a bar for those who would like to enjoy some drinks while being treated to live music. Aside from the KTV rooms, they are also known for their pizzas, particularly the square pizza which was the first in Davao at that time.

But they also offer a wide range of food items that are perfect for those simply looking to have dinner and unwind at their place. I, specifically, love going to Zed's during weekdays (to avoid the crowd) for a relaxing dinner because of the cozy interiors and the opportunity to listen to some live music. Monday night's intense rain was the perfect excuse to dine here while waiting for the rain to stop; after all, they're located on the adjacent building from our office. We opted to have dinner at the veranda so we can have an overlooking view of the city streets below.

We had the following for dinner:

Kinilaw or Fish Ceviche (P158, P188 with pork)

This is a classic Filipino dish wherein slices of fresh raw fish (commonly malasugue) are added to a mixture of citrus juices, vinegar, and spices. Slices of chili are also added into the mixture, along with onion, minced ginger, and cucumber. I loved Zed's version of kinilaw because it had plenty of fish slices and well seasoned.

Battered Chicken (approx. P 250 for 5 pieces)

This is a simple chicken dish wherein the chicken parts are covered in a batter and then deep fried. Each serving also comes with a bowl of gravy. This is the ultimate comfort food for the rainy weather!

Even though Zed's might be more known for their KTV rooms, live music, and as a party place, they do have decent food offerings. If you are in the area and wanting some lively place to accompany your dinner with, this is a great choice.

Zed's is located at Bonifacio St., Davao City.

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