Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Revenge from Maitre Chocolatier (Abreeza)

A girl like me can’t resist a good dessert (er, chocolate) every once in a while. Yes, even when on weight-watch campaign! There’s something about chocolates that make me happy, apart from anything that science could explain.

So, it must’ve been my lucky day when E & I headed to Maitre Chocolatier in Abreeza to grab dessert and I ordered Sweet Revenge. Priced at P250, this molten lava cake is made from Lindt chocolate (my favorite!). 

Aside from the sweetness coming from the dark chocolate, though, there is also a spicy hint to this dessert that is going to surprise you. A serving of vanilla ice cream beside the molten lava cake completes this dessert. This provides a calm reverie as soon as the spicy flavor sets in on your mouth.

If you happen to visit Maitre Chocolatier in Abreeza - and you love chocolate desserts! - don't forget to try Sweet Revenge!


  1. Love your blog. Good job :)

    -follow each ?

  2. I also love chocolate and I can't stop myself eating chocolates. He he he.

    So, I guess this restaurant is my perfect "match". :-P

    1. Great! Then you should try it :) Also, Golden Euphoria :)


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