Sunday, August 19, 2012

Salmon Teriyaki Bento from Rai Rai Ken

Being a seafood (and fish) lover that I am, the Salmon Teriyaki Bento is my favorite Bento set from Rai Rai Ken. It is the most affordable way to indulge in Salmon – my hands down favorite fish – and Rai Rai Ken has kept me coming back with this particular dish.

The highlight of this bento is, of course, the salmon teriyaki. The reduction sauce is slightly sweet and salty and sprinkled with sesame seeds for that irresistible aroma. I also like that they leave some of the skin on to add more texture into the meat and also keep the meat from falling off since it gets really tender when they serve it.

Also included in the set is the gohan (rice), two slices of California maki, and sautéed vegetables that consist of bean sprouts and some leafy greens. Now, who can resist this kind of meal? I sure can’t! The only downside is that it is no longer available at Rai Rai Ken (insert frown here). The last time I went there, I specifically asked the waitress for it since I could not find it in the menu. I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me that they have taken it off the menu.

Since I can’t get my salmon fix from Rai Rai Ken anymore, I found myself looking for alternatives. Good thing, Bigby’s and Swiss Deli’s Salmon Steak are both off the roof! I would single-handedly campaign to get the Salmon Teriyaki Bento back on Rai Rai Ken's menu, though.

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