Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BBQ Bob Review

Every once in a while, you stumble into a restaurant or dining spot that offers quality meals for a reasonable price and you feel a slight tinge of pride for the discovery. Indeed, it is a rare occurrence these days to get great food and feel like you wouldn't mind paying a bit more for it. That's how I felt when I had the chance to dine at BBQ Bob. This simple and unassuming BBQ joint is one of the newest to shoot up in Davao. And you couldn't complain because for less than P100, you can enjoy a meal for two. Good value, huh?

They also have plenty of options at BBQ Bob to suit your taste buds and budget. For instance, we ordered 2 pcs of pork barbecue with rice for only P39. You have the option to add either a stick of pork or beef barbecue and rice to your meal and that will only cost P15. 

Meanwhile, their set consisting of 2 pcs of spicy beef barbecue and rice is also sold at P39 only. 

All of their barbecue offerings are noted as offering not only reasonable prices, but also great quality. I can attest to this. The quality of their meat is comparable to other higher priced barbecue houses. And their barbecue are also well seasoned. I can't say they can compete with the likes of Penong's yet, but if you have a limited budget and you want to get a decent meal, BBQ Bob can help stretch the value of your peso. 

BBQ Bob has branches in Bonifacio St. and Quirino Ext., Davao City.

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