Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New on the Menu: Grub Resto Cafe

On days when I can't make up my mind where to eat, I turn to Grub Resto Cafe. Time and again, I've expressed my love for this quaint restaurant because of its delicious offerings that never disappoint. On my most recent trip to the restaurant, I made an effort to try out something different since I've sampled nearly all staple items on the menu. Thankfully, the boyf is also up for something different and we are happy to report that the items we ordered were up to the standard that we've expected from Grub Resto Cafe. 

To learn more about these dishes, read on below...

Crispy Garlic Rib

This dish is true to its name - and that's why we liked it! The rib was coated with a special mixture to give it a crunchy exterior. There is also a garlic aftertaste, which is exactly what we wanted! If you're not a big garlic fan, though, don't fret. The garlic taste lingers in there but it does not overpower. Then again, Zabadani's Garlicy Rib is still #1 for me!
Beef Bulgogi

This beef dish is a modern twist to a classic Korean recipe made from grilled marinated beef. In Grub's version, the beef sirloin are sliced into small bite sized pieces and seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and pepper, along with sugar for that sweet after-taste. I love the combination of flavor in this dish, which is a cross between salty and sweet. It is also beautifully garnished with fresh slices of green onion and red bell pepper. If you're a fan of Korean dish, I suggest you try this at Grub Resto Cafe.

If you happen to drop by Grub Resto Cafe, be sure to check these new items out. 

Grub Resto Cafe is located at Duterte St., Davao City.

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