Friday, October 5, 2012

Go Nuts Donuts Favorites!

Last Sunday, I was able to visit the Go Nuts Donuts store in Gaisano Mall because I was craving for something sweet to munch on while waiting for the parents to finish doing the grocery. I must say that I got quite lucky during that visit because they had the Cookies & Cream donut that I always look for whenever I go to their store (but always seem to run out of stock). My nephew Andre quickly finished his share of donut, too, so he must’ve enjoyed it.

We ordered one piece each for us – the Cookies N' Cream and Red Velvet Crumble donuts. The Cookies N' Cream donut is a loop donut topped with sweet vanilla and crunchy cookie crumbles for that irresistible flavor. I love anything cookies and cream, so it wasn’t surprising that I love it at first bite (ha!). Meanwhile, I got to have a bite of my nephew’s Red Velvet Crumble, too, and it was equally good! This Stuffit donut is topped with red velvet cake crumbles and comes with a rich Bavarian filling. Yup, yummy!

Cookies N' Cream
Red Velvet Crumble
My other favorites at Go Nuts Donuts are Chocolate Cake Crumble, Chocolate Frost, Double Chocolate, Rocky Road, and the Peanut Butter Frost. Just the thought of these yummy donuts make my mouth water. And of course, I scored a hit with my nephew yet again.

What about you? What’s your favorite Go Nuts Donut flavor?


  1. oh this is really nice.. I blogged about t too:) thanks for following!+1 for you too

    1. Thanks Jaysil! Yes, I do love Go Nuts Donuts! :)

  2. my daughters love gonuts donuts! i was crazy over donuts before but now im on a diet,,,aaaw!!


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