Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Kimono at Abreeza

It was our first time at Abreeza and so my boyf and I were clueless on where to eat. We decided to scour the entire mall for a while before we decide where to have our dinner. We ended up getting lost (oops, LOL) and it took us maybe around 30 minutes before we finally got settled. It was a tiny nook in the left side of the mall wherein we found Red Kimono. Other choices would have been TGIFriday's, Italianni's, and Mooon Cafe (my 3 other choices), but these restaurants were jam packed that night (it was a Wednesday) and neither I nor my tummy had the patience to wait!

So, we decided to go for Red Kimono since I had also been eyeing it for a while and anyone who knows me is aware that I am a massive Japanese food fanatic. This is their first time to open a branch in Davao City, so that is another reason for me to get excited.

I noticed that the ambience had
more of a modern Japanese feel, which was warm and welcoming. However, the place is tad too small especially since they had large tables for a group and we were seated in the table for two right at the center. It was difficult even for the waiters and waitresses to walk from one table to another without bumping into our table or chair. To make matters worse, E's chair also had a defect that he nearly fumbled when trying to lean over to one side. Hopefully, they could address this problem because it wasn't the most comfortable dining experience. Everything else was fine, though, and the service crew was attentive and accommodating.

As for the food, E ordered Sukiyaki (PhP 215) that comes wi
th Australian beef, tofu, and mushroom with noodles. I was able to taste it and it was really good. The flavors are subtle but rich. My favorite Japanese soup is still Rai Rai Ken's seafood hotpot, but it was some good competition. There was a bit of sweetness to the soup, too, which was a pleasant surprise.

Aside from Japanese food, I am also a sucker for seafood so I immediately scanned their seafood section. I ordered Fillet of Cream Dory (PhP 295) because the photo on their menu just looked so inviting! The fish was grilled to perfection (just as the menu said!) and the spinach was perfect compliment to the fish! The serving also came with mashed potato and E noted it was a little too garlic-y, but it was just perfect for me! Loved it, even.

It was an overall great dining experience for us and the food was indeed the highlight. Again, we wanted to try their maki and desse
rt but I guess that was all my tummy could take. Except for the few issues I raised above, I would recommend Red Kimono!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lyndon's Worst Rib and Most Awful Chicken

Anyone who has tried Lyndon's will surely find the name of the place a misnomer. Indeed, the rib was not the worst at all, in fact it was the best. The chicken, too, was very tasty and very well seasoned. What I like the best about the chicken is that the marinade was able to reach deep inside the meat, not just on the skin. Hence, it was culinary goodness down to the bones. I could eat it everyday, except that it probably won't be too good for my health!

E ordered their Rib, which is one of the best I had tasted EVER. He tried to cut through it with the knife but realized too soon that it won't even be necessary. All you have to do is stick your fork on the meat and it will fall right off the bones - effortless! I even tried cutting it myself because I did not believe him at first, but it surely did fall off effortlessly from the bones. And th
e best part? It tasted heavenly - no hype, whatsoever.

Judging by the lack of ambiance (we visited the Wheels N More drive branch), I guess people do come here solely for the food. It was also impressive that there were quite a few patrons that were there on a Saturday night. And it sure is one of Davao's best. I am glad that I was able to try it. I would love to come back though and try out their seafoods.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Zabadani: New on the Menu

It has been over a month since I last visited Zabadani - my favorite kabab and Persian dining place in Davao (Majid's Kabab is a close second!). And I am glad I did because I know Wadi (the owner) does not disappoint with his culinary offerings. I tried something new on their menu, but when I opted for the Chuck Asparagus, Wadi says it was unavailable at that time. So, I opted for their Minty Fish Roast instead (diet says only fish or veggies are suited for dinner).

Oh boy, was I happy with my pick! Wadi says he used blue marlin because dory was not available at that time. But it was roasted to perfection with bits of rosemary and pepper sprinkled on top. The meat was also very juicy and tasty - just the way I like it! I'm not really a fan of blue marlin before this (I prefer salmon and dory), but my taste buds can't argue with me! I recommend all of you try it too!
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