Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chowking Chef Bowl Specials - Honey Garlic Chicken

I don’t frequently dine at Chowking except for when I have occasional cravings for their delicious and filling Bola-Bola Siopao. But I recently found one more reason to visit their branches more often to dine – their Chef Bowl Specials. More specifically, the Honey Garlic Chicken.

My first chance to sample this dish was by accident. E & I wanted to grab something for dinner and I did not want to wait too long to have my order, so we opted for Chowking so I can satisfy my growling tummy... ASAP! Lo and behold, I have found quite a gastronomical masterpiece in this tiny, red bowl. 

Chowking's Honey Garlic Chicken

But hold it right there, I said tiny when I first saw it. But when I started to dig in, it was actually a bigger serving than it looks! I am not really a big fan of rice so it was more than enough serving for me. The chicken was the best I’ve tasted when compared with other fast food offerings. The use of honey on the marinade gave a sweet undertone to the salt and crisp chicken. The outside is also sprinkled with a generous amount of garlic, so that basically won me over!

The chicken also comes with a lightly sautéed vegetables, which makes it a complete meal in itself. I believe it costs 89 PhP per meal (including the drinks!). But if you’re like me who’d like to skip on the soda, it is cheaper at 79 PhP.

They also have other chef bowl specials, namely the Oriental Beef and Fish Taosi. I’ve tried the Fish Taosi but it wasn’t as good as the Honey Garlic Chicken, which is why I’m all rave about the latter.

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