Sunday, August 25, 2013

Asian Fusion Treats

When you get a craving for a certain dish, what do you do? Head to that one restaurant/foodie destination that you know can satisfy that craving! This is exactly what I did one day when I can feel my taste buds yearning for one dish that only Asian Fusion can satisfy - Dinakdakan.

Dinakdakan is a popular Filipino dish that originated in the Ilocos. The dish is made from hog brain and head that is boiled in hot water until cooked then mixed with various spices before it is put onto the grill. Once it is crispy, they are chopped into bite size pieces and seasoned with onions, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise.

Asian Fusion's Dinakdakan (P 140) is as tasty as can be. Even though it might be popular as an appetizer or pulutan, after all MTS is a popular place for people who like to have some drinks while listening to some live musical performances, I like eating this with rice as a viand. The rich flavors from the hog head and brain, together with the spices, can truly revv up your appetite!

And in keeping with the idea of having pulutan as viand, we also ordered Chili Garlic Mushroom (P80). I knew that their Dinakdakan would be good, but this one is also highly recommended (whether as a viand or appetizer). The richness in garlic flavor might put off anyone who isn't into garlic, but I am so it's easy to tell why I enjoyed it. The flavor is a work of balance though such that it has retained its subtlety - think of Gambas except that you replace shrimps with button mushroom.

Asian Fusion is located at Matina Town Square, Mc Arthur Highway, Davao City.

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