Monday, January 28, 2013

Breakfast Meals All Day at Taps Davao

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thus, I always make sure not to skip it or have a good one so I can start the day right. My idea of a perfect breakfast consists of bacon, scrambled egg, and a french toast. If you are a sucker for bacon, fried egg, sinangag, corned beef, and all other Filipino breakfast staples, regardless of time of day, then there is one place in Davao you should go to – Taps.

Personally, I am not a fan of Taps as I am not big on fried food. But when an unlikely craving hit me, I paid a visit to their Duterte branch that was recently renovated as well. Before that particular night, I haven't been to Taps for years (read: since high school!). I can't say it was a visit that I was particularly looking forward to but I just had to give into that craving and I know there is no place better to satisfy it.

E and I ordered the Basilog (Bacon, Sinangag and Itlog – sunny side up) and Lekasi (lechon kawali and sinangag), respectively. If my memory serves me right, the Basilog was priced at PhP 85 and the lechon kawali was at PhP 70.

To be modest, the bacon used on their Basilog was not of premium quality. For the price, what do you expect, really? Thankfully, it had enough crunch and savory taste to it and was not overly greasy. But it was slightly rubbery in texture and it was difficult to bite into.

Meanwhile, the lechon kawali redeemed it for me, though. It was well seasoned and did not contain too many fatty cuts. Hence, I had a fair amount of sinful goodness on my plate. A pretty good value for its price.

The ambiance is a huge upgrade from the traditional Taps branch that I've known all these years. The place is already fully airconditioned so you can enjoy your meals without having to endure a humid environment. At the same time, the tiles and walls are covered in white, which I like because it appears cleaner and more organized. I am not sure if I'd be back soon, but I left with a fully belly for less than PhP200 – clearly, my tummy isn't the only one happy that night!

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