Sunday, January 6, 2013

Don Beppe Ristorante Promo

Finding a place to dine in on New Year's Eve, especially at lunchtime, can be daunting. Almost all the places that I wanted to try were not open. Thankfully, Don Beppe was open. And it was the perfect excuse to dine here and try their pizza once again because they do have an amazing promo that I just found out about. 

For PhP 299, you can choose from one of two promo sets. The first 299 promo set allows you to pick from 3 pizza toppings (pepperoni, ham and cheese, and Hawaiian), a pitcher of iced tea, breadsticks, and tomato ragu dip. The second promo set is a pasta set, which consists of either Aglio Olio or Spaghetti, tomato bruschetta, a pitcher of iced tea, breadsticks, and tomato ragu dip.

It's no secret that I love Italian food and I love Don Beppe! Hence, this promo was a fantastic way for foodies or Italian food fanatics to sample their menu without having to worry about the price. I consider this a steal, even! 

We ordered the Pizza promo set and I thought that we were going to get a regular sized pizza. It turns out to be a large rectangular pizza that were too much for two people to consume. We ended up taking the rest home for some snacks! The size of the pizza is, therefore, ideal for barkadas or a small group of 3 to 4. 

A word of caution though, before you try it out. Don't expect the best quality of pizza, which is expected of its price. Nonetheless, it is still quite good. But if you want to get something affordable and of decent quality, might as well go for it! Also, the promo is available for dine-in and from 1-8PM only.

Have you tried Don Beppe's dine-in promo? How was it?

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  1. lovely blog, how about following each other? :)

    would love to see you over

  2. Great Davao FOOD blog! I will try this one. Do you have idea when will their promo ends? Where is the location?

  3. Hi Ryan, it is located in GMall The Peak. I don't know when their promo ends, but make sure to drop by as soon as you can before it ends :)


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