Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wings & Dips Continue to Wing It!

Wings & Dips is one of those restaurants that I've been too many times before yet I haven't featured yet here on the blog. Hence, I always felt like this post is long overdue. When I first got to sample Wings & Dips, thanks to a recommendation from a former co-worker and some of the blogs that I've read, I went to their Mabini branch to sample the craze that has hit the blogosphere. And even when they opened their second branch at Gaisano Mall's The Peak, I still found myself frequenting this dining spot.

I was drawn to Wings & Dips mainly because of the variety in their menu options. There are different combos to choose from wherein you can get choices of pasta, side dishes, and buffalo wings to your plate. In addition, you can also pick the sauces with which your wings are cooked in and the dip that goes with it. 

interior at Mabini branch
With their famous tag line, "Let's Wing It!", Wings & Dips have created a name for itself within the local culinary scene. Here is the Wings, Pesto Pasta, and Fries combo (pictured above) that I tried during my visit to their Mabini branch. Love the pasta and the wings, for sure! Also, their fries are of homemade variety and not the frozen ones you can pick up at the mall. And may I mention that I love the lemon mayo and blue cheese dips? 

Another one (of many) that I've tried that stick out in my memory is their version of the Fish N' Chips. The honey barbecue sauce was extraordinarily good! I also love the crunchy and rich breading used on their fish - just enough to allow the natural flavor of the fish to shine through. I would go as far as to claim that this is one of the best versions of the Fish N Chips that I've tried to date. 

interior at The Peak branch

Have you been to Wings & Dips yet? If not, head on over to any one of their two branches in the city - one in Mabini and the other one at GMall The Peak (next to Gusteau's Fud Haus).

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