Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Going Vietnamese at Hanoi

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Hanoi is the first and only authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Davao. And while I am not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine as I haven’t tried it before, I went to their Abreeza branch with an open mind and a belly ready to be filled up. After all, I was confident knowing the positive reviews I’ve read about this restaurant from other bloggers.

We decided to skip the noodles and the appetizers because we wanted to try out the entrée for this particular visit. I forgot to take note of the names of the dishes (duh). Check out the photos to get an idea of what we ordered during our visit at Hanoi.

The first pic is a beef dish, which was exceptionally good. This wasn’t surprising to me given that it was recommended by the attending waitress. As we had NO idea what to order, and the other bestseller was a bit too pricey and large of a serving for two people to enjoy, we opted for this beef dish. And it turned out really good. I believe we paid no more than PhP300 for this one.

The other dish was a vegetable dish just because I was craving for one at that time. This one is priced at approximately PhP 195 and was also well cooked, appropriately seasoned and the ingredients are fresh, which is always key with a vegetable dish. 

Aside from the food, I love the ambiance at Hanoi – truly a haven of tranquility as it’s website would describe. I also couldn’t keep myself from taking photos of the cute figurines that were on display on the shelf next to our table.

Judging by how we enjoyed our first visit, I will definitely be back at Hanoi soon to try out some of their other dishes. Aside from the Abreeza branch, there is also another branch (their original) along Camus Street, in the same building as Tsuru.

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  1. Hi. Tanong lang. Eto rin ba 'yung nandun sa Eastwood (if ever nakapunta ka na dun)? Parang familiar sakin 'yung Hanoi.


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