Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Always Keep Coming Back to Zabadani Cafe

I haven't been to Zabadani Cafe in a while but I've never stopped thinking about making a return trip there. Admittedly, this is one of the restaurants I go to when I want to enjoy great food and know that I won't be disappointed. Last week, I finally made a reservation and dropped by for dinner after my session at the gym. And boy, was it a fantastic feast! I just realized they already had an updated menu, which only goes to show that I haven't been here for much longer than I had imagined. At the same time, it is an exciting prospect because I now have more new items to explore

new menu

However, E wasn't as into trying new items off the menu as I was. He still went with his old favorite, the Garlicy Rib (P 155). If my memory served me right, he has been ordering this dish since it was made available on the menu. Not that I can blame him. This succulent beef rib that has been marinated in a 7-spice mix and rubbed with plenty of garlic cloves and granules is the best Garlic Rib you can have in this side of the country. The meat is also tender that you get to enjoy more of its flavor rather than trying to wrestle with the meat on your plate.

Another dish that we tried is the Zabadani Prawn Balls (P 145). This dish is a new one and is made out of ground prawns formed into balls and fried until crimson red. Each ball is properly seasoned to a point that you get to enjoy a truly savory meal that is light at the same time. Couldn't have asked for a better compliment to the ribs.

Meanwhile, I had to sample one of their salad dishes - Fattoush. We ordered the small serving (Sagheer), P75, and you can get a decent serving of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, parsley, mint, salt, pepper, and olive oil. The salad also comes with chunks of pita bread on the side. This was the best way to start the meal because the subtle flavors helped to liven up your palate for a more enticing meal ahead. 

We accompanied our dish selections with a refreshing drink in Mango Frullato (P 75) simply because we were craving for a mango shake all week long. This one is a much better and richer version of mango shake. Must-try!

If only I had more room in my tummy for dessert, I would've ordered one. But I guess that's another reason to go back especially since I had a peek into their Dessert section on the menu and it looks pretty tempting! 

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  3. Mmmmmm, love this food!


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