Sunday, July 7, 2013

Barrio Bistro: More Than Just a Pizza Shop

During my first three trips to Barrio Bistro, I have sampled only their pizzas and sing praises for the Three Cheese Pizza. However, I won't deny that the other dishes on their menu had caught my attention. So when the boyf and I decided to drop by their Duterte Branch one time, I figured we skip the pizza and go for their other dishes.

I did not hold high expectations because this restaurant primarily made a name for itself with their pizzas and figured that maybe they offered other items on the menu to give more options to their customers. But I was actually quite satisfied with our orders. You can find out more about our orders below:

Fried Cream Dory (P 155)

Aside from salmon, cream dory is one of my favorites! Naturally, I got excited when we ordered this at Barrio Bistro because I was curious about their own version of this delicious fish! The cream dory is coated with a crunchy batter then deep fried until it is crisp on the outside. The fried cream dory is topped with garlic oil and herbs with caper cream sauce. In addition, mixed vegetables consisting of corn, carrots, and beans are served on the side.

Italian Meatball Pasta

Love this pasta dish! The pomodoro sauce served along with this pasta has that tangy aftertaste, which is what I was looking for! I am not a fan of the sweet spaghetti sauce at all. In addition, the meatballs served on this pasta is well seasoned and made with a lot of spices.

Cookies & Cream Overload Parfait (P 150)

Ahh, the perfect dessert to end the meal. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love cookies & cream. So, when I saw this on the dessert menu, I knew it was a must-try! It comes with several scoops of the overload cookies & cream ice cream then topped with whipped cream and more bits of cookies! I love that they used large chunks of cookies so you can bite into them to provide a nice contrast to the smooth cream topping.

Barrio Bistro is located at Lacson St. and Duterte St., Davao City.

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  1. oooh yum! I went to Barrio Bistro last year but just ordered pizza. Looks like I need to stop by for a visit and try all the yummy stuff blogged about.

  2. yuummy,great pics :)


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