Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Pasta Favorite: Rego's Pasta Express

Why haven't I got around to trying Rego's Pasta Express earlier? If only people realized how good this pasta place is, then people would flock at this humble restaurant located at Arellano St. corner Jacinto Extension in Davao City. Spotting this dining place won't be difficult because it is close by Johnny's Cupcakes and the Central Bank.

E and I have had our few favorites dining spots in Davao, but sometimes we want to try new places to whet our appetite. So, I went over and dragged him there. But I didn't have such a hard time convincing him because he is just as adventurous and willing as I am to experiment with food and sample new tastes.

I was surprised as we got to Rego's Pasta Express because the place was much smaller than I had imagined it to be. But it was actually a good thing as it helped to deliver that homey vibe and when you couple that with a good, er excellent, pasta meal, then it is going to be a satisfying dining experience for sure.

I order their Rego's Marinara special that comes with a hefty amount of pitted olives, shrimps, and a tasty marinara sauce, which I can tell was made out of fresh tomato instead of the bottled or canned ones you find at the supermarket. I forgot the name of E's order but it was a white carbonara sauce with bacon and mushroom. Both pastas were cooked al dente, which is just what I prefer so there is still a bite to it. I had to commend the prices for these pastas, too. Each order was priced at P 135, which is very affordable for the size of the serving. I was also quite excited that they have free bottles of cheese, pepper, and other condiments at the table, so I went crazy and sprinkled as much Parmesan cheese on my pasta as it would take to satisfy my palate. Not that the pasta dish wasn't tasty enough, but I love to have extra cheese on it.

In addition to the pastas, we also ordered their Fish & Chips. I forgot to ask what type of fish they used for making it but it was pure heaven to my taste buds. Grub's Fish & Chip and Tater's had very good Fish & Chips too, but this one was really up there with them. And their french fries was cooked with garlic such that it gave off that aroma that really worked up my appetite. I just got an idea on how to prepare my french fries at home, even when I am just using frozen fries at the supermarket.

All in all, Rego's Pasta Express is a culinary must-visit in Davao. If you love pasta, you don't even have to think twice about going. And the best part of all, the food is very affordable.


  1. Good review and I will agree with you as I will recommend Rego's Pasta if your into pastas for an affortable rate

  2. Nice writing style Abby. You make this pasta and this fish even more delicious. Yum-Yum!


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