Friday, November 16, 2012

Swiss Deli Treats & More

Swiss Deli inspires in me good food and good memories. Therefore, I recommended it without hesitation when a friend of mine paid a short visit from her work abroad. The last time I dined at Swiss Deli was at their Matina branch and on my second visit with friends, we went to their Lanang branch.

For a glimpse into this filling dining experience at Swiss Deli, here are our orders.... Drool on!

 Large Mixed Salad (PhP 140) - This is a combination of mixed garden and Mediterranean salad. Also, you get a basket of Tuscan bread! No better way to start off a meal than this!

Bolognese (PhP 195) - This is the best way to eat pasta. Swiss Deli's Bolognese pasta comes with a generous amount of meat sauce and tomato sauce to delight your palate.

Fillet of Cream Dory (PhP 220) - Delicious dory sauteed with mushroom sauce, butter, tomatoes, and capers. And you also get mashed potato on the side. The perfect choice for fish lovers!

Chicken "Zurich Style" (PhP 190) - This is one of their Swiss Specials, which I recommend you check first if it is your first time to dine at Swiss Deli. The dish consists of tender slices of chicken breast in mushroom cream sauce, then served with fettucini and steamed vegetables.

Ravioli (PhP 195) - I am a big fan of Ravioli. So, when I was made to pick my order, I chose this instantly. The ravioli is stuffed with ricotta cheese and comes with a rich, slightly tangy tomato sauce as base. If that doesn't make your mouth water, I don't know what else could...

And what's the best part of this meal? Sharing it with the people you care about most. :)

What do you love most about dining at Swiss Deli? 


  1. Niiice pics!
    Thanks for the comment =)

  2. They all looked familiar to me(the ones in the pic), especially the guy. taga-UPMin din kc me. is he the one your calling E?

    1. Yes! He is my boyfriend and food trip partner :)


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