Friday, November 30, 2012

New on the Menu: Grub Resto Cafe

Grub Resto Cafe has been a favorite of mine since I got to try this restaurant for the first time. I love the cozy ambiance and it has been one of few restaurants in the city that has consistently been good as far as the quality of food is concerned. I cannot remember one particular time that I dined here that I was disappointed with the food - it's been that good. No wonder it's my favorite!

Just recently, I dropped by Grub Resto Cafe once again for dinner. Just because we've been here several times before, we've tried almost everything on the menu. It is, therefore, a challenge trying to decide what to eat, especially during those times when I am looking for something new to excite my palate. Hence, I tried to experiment a little and opted for new items on their menu.

Sisig Triangle

This is a very simplistic dish. This is basically sisig served in a triangle wrap, which is similar to that of a lumpia wrapper. Hence, you can get a crisp and crunchy exterior with savory sisig on the inside. It also comes served with its own spicy and tangy dip to help bring out more flavor from the meat wrapped inside. You can order this dish at Grub Resto Cafe for only P95.

Buffalo Wings

This is my first time to try this at Grub Resto Cafe and I have to say - I'm quite impressed. Love the seasoning on the buffalo wings - I picked sweet, by the way, just because I don't eat anything spicy. This serving consists of 6 servings of buffalo wings and french fries that comes with a delectable mayo garlic dip. Ah, loving this dish for the dip alone!

Steak Sandwich

This is my least favorite of the three new dishes I tried. Wait, hear me out here. I love the pork steak that is used in this sandwich. It is well seasoned and the cut of the meat is pretty big for a regular sandwich. However, the veggies added on the side and its tangy sauce just does not sit well with the steak. The bread used for the sandwich is really good, too, but after a few bites, there is that overwhelming taste that goes into your mouth until you can't consume the rest any longer. I think this dish would be better off without the veggies so that the taste is concentrated on the steak. Besides that, though, the steak is really good.

Have you tried any of these dishes? What's your favorite dish at Grub Resto Cafe?

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