Friday, October 18, 2013

Dinner at Annipie Malvar

Annipie is a homegrown restaurant that has expanded to more than just a place where people go to for their famous cinnamon rolls. There are a few items on the menu for those wanting to have their lunch or dinner, too. However, the promise of delicious desserts (with their famous cinnamon rolls, revel bars, cheese bars, butterscotch, and other pastries beckoning at you from a nearby glass shelf) is what makes every dine something to look forward to.

The Oriental Cream Dory (P 95) is a light dish that is perfect for fish lovers. The aroma coming from the ginger and onion helped to liven up the flavor of the fish. I can definitely taste the oriental flavors coming through and it was a delight to the taste buds.

This Bolognese Spaghetti (P 69) is just good. I expected nothing better, though. Or, it could be simply a matter of preference because Annipie's version is Filipino-style wherein the marinara sauce is slightly sweet whereas I prefer the Italian version that comes with a slightly tangy and savory sauce.

Oh, this Pistachio Sans Rival (P 85) came as a huge surprise for me. I was never a fan of pistachio before but now, I might reconsider. In fact, I prefer this one over the original buttery sans rival wherein I find the scent and flavor of the butter too overwhelming.

This cappuccino cinnamon roll (P 35) is notably one of the best desserts I have had in a long while. It is sweet, but not too sweet. Love the drizzle of cinnamon syrup to top it off, too. The aroma makes it all the more enticing.

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What is your favorite item at Annipie?

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  1. Oh pistachio sanz rival! can't wait to try

  2. Pistachio sanz rival is heaven! =) new follower here..


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