Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comfort Food at Grub Resto Cafe

What is your idea of comfort food? Mine is anything that reminds me of home with mom's home style cooking. Even though I am guilty of dining out to experience gourmet dishes, or the ones you don't normally eat at home, it is also nice to get a taste of home from your favorite restaurants. Thus, I order the occasional soup to warm up the tummy, especially when the weather is chilly.

You might have read my previous posts on Grub Resto Cafe and how I was all praises about their reasonably priced yet excellent dishes! However, they also have a huge selection of vegetarian and comfort food items if you are seeking variety.

One example is this Chicken Macaroni Soup. It is one of my favorite soups that my mother used to prepare for us, especially during rainy seasons. The use of milk and cream helps to add a rich flavor to this dish while the combination of vegetables and chicken makes it a healthy fare, too. Love that this soup tasted just like my mom used to make. The aroma from the ginger also help to liven up the flavor of the soup! I can eat this everyday!

For the veggie lovers or those watching their carb intake closely, this Veggie Wrap dish at Grub Resto Cafe is a must-try! This wheat wrap is a healthy alternative to pita bread without sacrificing flavor. Meanwhile, the combination of crunch and subtle flavor from the curly lettuce, carrots, and different kinds of vegetables as filling is bound to make any vegetarian go gaga over this dish! Each order comes with its own garlic and mayo dip. It is a very simple recipe that is delicious and quite healthy, too.

Have you had your taste of these dishes at Grub Resto Cafe?

Grub Resto Cafe is located at Duterte St., Davao City right across Shakey's.

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