Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beef Shawarma from Zabadani Cafe

Shawarma might not be that all too alien for most of us, Davaoenos. It's primarily because there are several of these food stalls offering shawarma and shawarma rice dishes that give us the opportunity to sample what is probably the most popular dish to come out of the Middle Eastern cuisine. Thus, I was pleased to sample this dish at Zabadani Cafe on my most recent trip there. And like most of the other dishes I've tried at this popular resto, I became a big fan.

Beef Shawarma from Zabadani Cafe is a pita roll of breast fillet or beef slices laid with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, white onion and lettuce. The meat is then drizzled with generous amount of garlic and shawarma sauces. The sagheer (or small) serving costs PhP 95, kabeer (large) serving costs PhP 180.

The combination of flavor from the beef slices (savory and salty), tomatoes (slightly tangy), and cucumber (neutralizer) helps to achieve balance in flavor. Hence, it is neither too overwhelming nor too spicy.

If you are looking to get a good appetizer to start off your meal, the Beef Shawarma is highly recommended. But if you don't feel like going for a rice meal, it is also a good choice - just don't forget to go for the larger serving.


Visit Zabadani Cafe at The Peak Gaisano Mall (beside Kublai Khan), JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City. 
Contact #: (082) 301-6065
Zabadani on Facebook

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