Monday, April 21, 2014

Summer Treats from Manang's Chicken

Summer is officially here! To help you beat the heat, Manang's Chicken unveils their limited edition summer treats. Cool off from the heat with their tasty snacks and cool summer drinks.

The first one of their summer treat come in the form of their refreshing Summer Floats, which is available in two flavors: Mountain Dew and Mug Rootbeer. Both drinks are topped with a generous serving of soft vanilla ice cream. You can order these summer floats for only PhP 30, or simply add PhP 10 if you wish to upgrade your drinks to a float.

Cold drinks and ice cream are two of my favorite ways to cool off during summertime. Hence, getting to experience them in one offers major reprieve from the summer heat. Both choices are unique and ultra refreshing!

Root Beer Float
Mountain Dew Float

Manang's Chicken will also be introducing new variants to their famed potato chips for the summer. The all-natural fried potatoes are getting an upgrade with three new flavors to excite your taste buds and satisfy your craving for something new. The three new variants are: Cheese Pimiento, Beef Steak and Chili Vinegar. Every order of the potato chips offers three size options: large (PhP 64), small bucket (PhP 170) and large bucket (PhP 305).

My personal favorites are the Cheese Pimiento and the Beef Steak. However, the Chili Vinegar comes with a nice kick of flavor from the tartness. This is no doubt an excellent summer snack because it is light, crunchy and tasty!

Cheese Pimiento
Beef Steak
Chili Vinegar

If you wish to order a combo of these delicious summer treats, you can get them for PhP 85.

These summer treats are already available on all Manang's Chicken branches since April 1. They are going to be available during the entire summer season, so make sure to visit your favorite branch to get it while you still can!

Manang's Chicken in Davao is located at the 5th floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao.

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