Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tori Grill Review

A new grill/Japanese restaurant has emerged in the city! As self-professed Japanese food lovers, we could not help but get excited at the thought of dining at Tori Grill. The idea of dining in a Japanese restaurant sans sushi is a bit alien but as adventurous foodies (as we like to refer to ourselves now), we were still filled with anticipation.

The Good: One of the things that I remember most about dining in Tori Grill is the taste of their grilled selections. All items are well seasoned even diners with discerning taste buds will give them a passing mark. And if you had been paying attention to your food, you can also tell that they use fresh ingredients.

The Bad: The fact that the food tastes good in Tori Grill cannot make us overlook a few shortcomings about our dining experience, though. The reasonable prices on their menu is something to be commended for. However, the serving sizes were a tad too small. They're even smaller than a kiddie sized meal. They could argue that they have kept serving sizes commensurate to the prices. But we would have appreciated it if the waitress warned us about just how small these servings are. Given the taste and quality of their Japanese barbecues, I would be willing to pay more (and consequently get a bigger serving!).

Another important observation we made during our dine: the menu. I have noticed that they have listed the menu items in Japanese. Even a Japanese food aficionado myself is not that well versed in all dishes in the cuisine. Hence, they could have listed an English description below the Japanese names of the dishes, just so diners have an idea on what they're going to order.

In case you are curious, I got to sample these:

Meal 1 (PhP 84): 2 negima (chicken thigh), 1 okura bacon (okra wrapped with bacon), and 1 torikawa (chicken skin)
*You can add PhP 30 for unlimited rice, miso and salad.
Aspara Bacon (PhP 35 per stick): Asparagus wrapped with bacon
Uzura Bacon (PhP 35 per stick): Quail egg wrapped with bacon

We wish to not make any conclusive opinion about Tori Grill. Hopefully, if the proprietors read this, they will consider this as one of  honest feedback they get from customers and use that to make improvements.

Tori Grill is located at Quirino Avenue, corner General Luna St., Davao City.

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  1. Yummy That looks so delicious! That sucks when the waitress doesn't tell you if it's a small portion and then you get it and its just not as tasty. But glad you enjoyed some of it!

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  3. That looks absolutely delicious!!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  4. Yum!! I'm a foodie and love trying new foods. Is this restaurant only located in Davao? I'll be visiting Manila next year and would love to try this place!

  5. Obviously this place is nowhere near me, but I do have a weakness for Japanese food so I have no doubt I'd like it.

  6. looks amazing!I would;d've visit!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other?

  7. lovely blog :)

  8. Wow, yummy plates in these photos!!

  9. Hi Abby! Tori Grill also offers Kirin beer ftw!

  10. I ate here a while back and i was severely dissapointed.. Mainly about the portion sizes.. But i liked the garlic clove with chicken skin though... I highly recommend that you try out Kushiya.. Its located at damosa near rose bakeshop.. its similar to this but its really good and have good portion sizes.. also try their yakimeshi (open from mondays to saturdays)

  11. Awesome, well-balanced post. I personally recommend their Kani Salad and their pasta dishes for a better dining experience. :)


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